Serving Teams

Next Generation

Early Childhood

Infants and toddlers get their first church friends and Bible stories in our Early Childhood department. If you love playing with little children we’d love to have you on this team!


Molly Soal, Early Childhood Coordinator

Kids Church

Kids Church is the team that teaches elementary-age kids on Sundays. Times in kid’s church are fun, energetic times where kids get to know Jesus in real ways. If you like to listen and talk to children you’ll fit in with this bunch!


Laura Risdall, Kids Director


Teenagers (grades 6-12) go through a lot in Jr. & Sr. High. We create moments that teach healthy spiritual disciplines. If you are not afraid of hard work and tough conversations you should think about being a youth leader.

Michael Madsen, Youth Pastor
Abby Winterhalter, Youth Coordinator

Guest Services

Welcome Team

This team consists of door greeters and ushers. If you are a natural people person and care about connecting people this is a place for you!


Heather Bahn, Volunteer Team Leader

Coffee Bar

Being greeted by a lobby with coffee or tea is always a good feeling! If you are gifted in prepping and serving food this is a great place to serve!


Samantha Perkins, Team Admin.

Creative Arts


Leading people into the presence of God is the mission of our musicians and vocalists. If you have talent and a heart to worship we’d love to have you join the team!


Andrew Madsen, Volunteer Team Leader


Crafting distraction free environments that allow people to experience the Holy Spirit is our mission. If you have technical mindset or a desire to develop talent this is a great space to be in!


Howard Simar, Volunteer Team Leader


This is a team of creatives that focuses on content creation. If you have have talent in photography, video, graphic design, or even writing we’d love to have you join this team!


Howard Simar, Volunteer Media Manager