Listen this Winter

We will be starting a new eight-week segment of small groups in January! This series was designed to take us through the whole Bible over a course of time. We hope you will join us in this for two main reasons. First, is that we believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God that has a life-changing power; and second, being that we value doing life in community!

Groups start the week of Jan. 8th
Stay tuned for more group info!

Engaging all ages in God's Word!

This study has content that is cohesively written for each age demographic! While we are going through our adult sessions together our kids will be learning the same content in Kids Church & Early Childhood and our teenagers will be going through it in Youth small groups. This is an amazing opportunity to be engaged in the Bible as a family, plus the study comes with a family devotional to use each week that will line up to what everyone's learning each week!

Preschoolers will be learning the Bible on Sunday mornings in Early Childhood.

Elementary Kids will engage with the Bible lesson on Sundays during Kids Church.

Youth Students will engage with the Bible in meaningful ways in a small group setting.

Adults & Young Adults will engage with the Bible together through weekly small groups.

The world is always changing, empires come and go, lines of nations are redrawn and reformed, but through these centuries of change and chaos, there's a book, a story that has persevered through it all. The Bible endures!
Bible Engagement Project